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Rent out your RV
Reduce the Cost of RV Ownership - Make money  when you are not using your RV! If you are making payments, let someone  else do it for you. Or....let someone pay for your winter vacation.
 The opportunities are endless...such as extra cash in your pocket or a  tax deduction. You can average anywhere from $3500-$20,000 depending  upon the length of the camping season.
We offer a unique way for you to make money on your RV when you are not using it. As you will see by  the services we offer below, our part in the rental of your RV will  alleviate All of the stress for you. If you consign your RV with us,  there are no hidden fees. We make the rental connections for you and you  collect a 70% commission fee on actual bookings. We handle all the  paperwork, insurance, and details so you don't have to.
Our services include:
• Phone and email support to you
• Advertise your RV
• List your RV on all major rental pages with entire page dedicated to your RV
• Manage online calendar for clients to view with availability
• Answer inquiries on your RV from all potential renters
 • Collect information about renters and their potential plans with your  RV so that we can make sure only qualified people can rent your RV and  we make sure They TAKE CARE OF IT!
• Provide renters an overview of rental requirements
• Provide the renter an invoice of charges
• Provide Rental Agreement and secure damage deposit
• Provide renters with required forms that must be completed
• Send a confirmation email to renter with approval of the booking
• Arrange for Pick up and Drop- off of your RV
• Supply Insurance and Roadside assistance during rental periods
• Make sure your RV is returned to the designated location clean and sanitized
• Provide renters with training specific to your RV

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Americas RV Rentals

Complete Coverage

All RV owners are protected by both Damage Insurance and Roadside Assistance. We make sure that the renter takes care of your baby like you would!

Rental Requirements

When you call please have your information ready so that your listing will go as smooth as possible. We can help you through all the process so it is quick and painless. You will get the satisfaction of knowing that you and your RV are protected by an Iron Clad Agreement .

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